Coronavirus Expansion

Ninja Turdle Coronavirus Expansion is Released!

Hello from the Dev

I hope everyone enjoys this Ninja Turdle expansion!

While travelling to China(Shanghai) to visit with family, I found myself under forced quarantine and with limited internet.

I used part of that time to design out a complete new area for Ninja Turdle.

I hope this fun little expansion gives people some positive energy during these tough times! ❤️




First parasites, now viruses!

Colonel Kernel reports that Steve's lungs are now overrun with Coronaviruses!

Help Steve eradicate all viruses before it's too late!

Be careful as the viruses appear to be continuously evolving!

The lungs are accessible from Steve's Esophagus.


  • New Lung area, destroy all coronaviruses!
  • New mask and Steam Achievements!
  • Water Mask now allows you to swim in water, acid, blood, and any liquid!
  • Fixes many typos, bugs, and improved performance!